Long Sutton Studio

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Project Information

New-build studio and workshop, Hampshire

Client: Tom Lloyd


In collaboration with Tom Lloyd and Structure Workshop.


Cassion Castle Architects were commissioned to design this multi-purpose structure in the grounds of a grade II listed former farmhouse in Hampshire. The client not only wanted a building that could fulfill a series of functions as a studio, workshop, garage or storeroom. More importantly, he wanted to create a simple yet beautiful building that would enhance its setting.


At first sight, Long Sutton Studio is deliberately understated. Closer inspection, however, reveals modern detailing which gives the studio a subtle and contemporary identity. The predominant material at Long Sutton Studio is timber, and here it is celebrated and showcased in its many forms: softwood and hardwood, laminated, planed and rough sawn.


The interior provides a strong visual contrast with the simple exterior. Structural elements here are expressed decoratively. The spaces in between these layered structural elements are employed as workspace, shelving and storage.


The building was a finalist for an RIBA Award 2014, Blueprint Award 2014 and Surface Design Award 2015.